DCC Chess at Casa Mayan Sunday, June 4th, 2017

5 round Swiss system tournament.

Time Control: G30;d10 Dual Rated
Site: Casa Mayan at 1020 9th Street Park.

Rescheduled from April 29. If you registered for April 29 and can't play on the new June 4 date (notice adjusted start time), please request a refund as soon as possible to make room for others.

Casa Mayan is in the S.W. corner historical house on the Auraria campus very close to the Auraria light rail stop. There are two rows of old houses the Denver Historical Society preserved from parking lot demolition on the Auraria Campus. They have steel park benches in front of them on sidewalks. From westbound Colfax turn right on 9th street. Parking is free on Sundays at meters and campus lots.

Open: Open to all USCF members
Entry fee: DCC Members: $15, Non-Members: $20
Prizes: 75% of entries plus a bonus of $100 by a sponsor
Round Times: 10 a.m. and immediately following
Entries: Brian Wall 
Phone: 720-646-9259  but call or text TD day of tournament 
E-mail: brianwallchess4@taom.com

Space is limited to 24 players. Day of tournament registration possible if fewer than 24 register online.
TD Shirley Herman (719) 510-0169
USCF membership required. Last round byes will be recorded as a zero but not considered a withdrawal. DCC will provide $100 worth of KFC, players can bring additional potluck dishes.
Traditionally the Casa Mayan was a Mexican Restaurant run by the grandparents of Gregorio Alcaro. Train hobos during the Great Depression could always get a free meal there. http://acmh.cfsites.org/custom.php?pageid=39439
There will be 2 picnic tables outside full of Chessplayer friendly food.