DCC July 2018 Report

7:36am Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

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... thanks to all for making the DCC a stimulating, vibrant, chess club.

Once again I'd like to lead off with a John Brezina report and pictures from the Paris stop of the FIDE Grand Chess Tour. The heading photo is an organizer looking confused and GM Nakamura looking pleased to be about to accept a mysterious blue box. 

The awards ceremony for the local kids tournament.

Quoting Mr. Brezina, "After visiting The Grand Chess Tour in Belgium, I was invited to Paris for the next leg of this extraordinary tournament. While the actual games are not able to be attended by spectators, there is a closing day event at the beautiful Château d'Asnières."

The Château d'Asnières. A little more classy than the usual hotel venue here in the States. 

"This is now where the headquarters of the French Chess Federation is located. The grounds are quite lovely and set up for a tournament for local kids where some even got the chance to play in a 100 board simul with the 10 players of the Grand Chess Tour. The awards ceremony started shortly afterwards with Hikaru Nakamura winning the Paris leg of the tour. This was a Rapid & Blitz format just as Belgium was. And with Wesley So winning Belgium and Nakamura winning Paris, the St. Louis Rapid and Blitz would be nice for another American player. Inside the Chateau was being set up for a 100 board simul. Each player would play 10 boards."

GM Grischuk encroaching on John Brezina's position.

"I was fortunate enough to be offered a seat against three time world blitz champion Alexander Grischuk. An offer I could not refuse! What a great job the organizers did with the simul and ceremonies. And to top off things, Garry Kasparov kibitzes the simul and even analyzes some of the games!"

High grade kibitzing going on here. 

"And then up to a private event where the players were paired up with special donors who would play blitz chess with one another by taking turns with the moves. An exciting bughouse playoff game put GM Bacrot and Miss Reizniece-Ozola ahead of Mr. Kasparov and his young and very strong partner Andria."

I can't imagine GM Kasparov playing bughouse but there he is...

"What a great event and also where it was announced there first that Magnus Carlsen would be the wildcard player in the upcoming Sinquefield Cup."

See all of John's great photos from this tournament here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VrtaUeXv2g786yUe6 

It is real cool of Mr. Brezina to provide these brief reports and pictures from his travels in the wide world of chess. When he is at home here in Colorado. John runs the Parker Chess Club. They meet every Thursday from 7-9pm at the new Parker library. All levels and ages are welcome. For more information, contact John at skibrezina@gmail.com

We had an excellent turn out of 23 players for the inaugural DCC monthly Blitz tournament. Richard Shtivelband took clear 1st place with a perfect 6-0 score and won 51 dollars. Corey Kohler only lost to Mr. Shtivelband and finished with 4 points to win 28 dollars. Griffin McConnell won the 10 dollar U1800 prize with 3.5 points. Everybody knows Griffin is way better than his 1719 Blitz rating.

We plan to have this 6 round tournament on the last two Tuesdays of each month.With 3 rounds each night from 6-7pm. A great way to warm up for the regular G/70 game. For the 1st and 2nd Tuesdays we will continue to have our lecture series. To see the lecture schedule for August, login to denverchess.com and scroll down on the homepage.

Neil Bhavikatti's lecture before round 1 was well received and appreciated. 

Richard Shtivelband also took 1st place In the Open section of the 5 round main tournament with 4.5 points. Winning against Brian Wall in round 3 and only allowing a draw to Griffin McConnell in the last round. This fine performance won 100 dollars. Richard might quit his day job :-) (see diagrams 2 and 3 below)

The DCC President, none other than Brian Wall, took 2nd place with 4 points and won 55 dollars. Emad Musa, still provisionally rated, but already playing very well in the Open section, took 3rd place with 3.5 points and won 35 dollars.  (diagrams 4-6)

The 20 dollar Open Upset prize was won by the DCC Member at Large, Vibi Varghese, for his last round 261 point rating difference win over Jason Wycoff. Mr. Varghese also had a nice draw against the strong, long time Colorado player, Jack Woehr.

I'm so pleased with the DCC attendance, I thought I'd just use room shots for this report.

Your ecstatic reporter is thrilled  to announce that he took clear 1st place in the U1900 section. (diagram 13) I had lost to Phil Brown in Round 3, and if Phil had won his last round game against John Brezina, 1st place would have gone to him. Then, if Bill O'Neil had won our last round game after I blundered a piece, the 95 dollar prize would have been his. To be fair to Mr. O'Neil, I did get 2 pawns for the piece and my kind of position to play. Good play by Mr. Brezina and some luck against Bill. I'll take it :-)

Mr. Brown ended up with 3.5 points and shares the combined 2nd and 3rd place prize of 80 dollars with Karthik Selva. One of of several young players playing at the DCC. In the Blitz tournament, Karthik  just ignored my King side "attack" and smashed into my Queen side castled position. It was not pretty :-)

There were several big Upsets in this section. Notably Randolph Schine drawing Todd Walker, and winning against John Brezina. But the 20 dollar prize was won by Brian Ledsworth for his 303 point rating difference win over Alex Barraza. Walter Lowe also put an upset loss on Mr. Barraza. I'm sure Alex will bounce back next month.

We have consistently had a 50 or more players a week average since the first of the year.

Rithvik Ijju is another young player playing and winning at the DCC. I guess Rithvik is like 12 years old and here he is already taking 1st place in the U1500 section. He had a 183 point upset win over the DCC Secretary, James LaMorgese, in round 4 then another upset win in the last round against Micheal Igoe to finish with 4.5 points and win 95 dollars. (diagram 11)

There was a 4-way tie for the combined 2nd and 3rd place place prize in this section. Mr. Igoe, Mr. LaMorgese, Nicholas Hemstreet, and George Peschke all finished with 3.5 points and they each win 20 dollars. Mr. Igoe had to work the hardest. He drew Mr. Hemstreet in round 3 and won against Mr. Peschke in round 4 to earn his prize money.

Archer Murane continues to collect Upset prizes. This month he won the 20 dollar prize by winning against Robert Carboy, rated 477 points higher in round 1. The youngster then lost his next 3 games. Consistency is so difficult in chess. I often wonder where my own game goes.

You can tell this is a John Brezina photo. Unlike mine, It's clear and in focus :-)

Congratulations to all the prize winners, and thanks to all for making the DCC a stimulating, vibrant, chess club.Thanks again to John Brezina for the Paris report and his excellent photography. See all of his DCC July pictures from round 2 here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Kor8Nqn4DaNbNN93A  Amongst many excellent DCC player photos, I especially liked this one...

Joe Aragon is perhaps seeing a tactical trick, or maybe thinking, how am I going to get out of this... :-)

Here are a few diagrams to test your tactical skills... Starting off with a game Josh Bloomer played at the US Open. 

r1b2k1r/p7/2p1ppQB/2P5/8/2qB4/P4KPP/R7 b - - 26 51

1) Josh Bloomer vs. Grant Parks. Round 3 at the 2018 U.S. Open. In this position Black played 26...Rxh6. Do you see how Mr. Bloomer wins the game in just a few more moves? https://denverchess.com/games/view/17716 A great game from the Colorado player. 

r2qr1k1/1bp1bpp1/p1n2n1p/4p3/PpQ1P3/1BP2N1P/1P1N1PP1/R1B2RK1 b - - 14 27

2) Richard Shtivelband vs. Sullivan McConnell. Round 4. In this position Sullivan played 14. bxc3, allowing 25. Qxf7+ and Mr. Shtivelband overwhelmed the Black position with efficiency. https://denverchess.com/games/view/17698

8/p5bk/7p/8/1Pp2R2/8/rP1BK2P/8 b - - 35 69

3) Brian Wall  vs. Richard Shtivelband. Round 3. White has just played 35. Rf2-f4. How would you continue as Black to obtain a winning advantage? https://denverchess.com/games/view/17687 See also Mr. Shtivelband's game against Neil Bhavikatti here: https://denverchess.com/games/view/17683  A minor piece endgame battle. Find a nice game against Jack Woehr here: https://denverchess.com/games/view/17697

r1b1r1k1/pp1R1ppp/4p3/q1b5/4P3/1BP1QNB1/P4PPP/5RK1 w - - 19 38
4) Brian Wall vs. Emad Musa. Round 1. White had previously played 19. Rd1xd7 capturing the Black Knight that was defending the Bishop on c5. Black replied 19... Qd8-a5. What is the computer best move in this position that Mr. Wall found over the board? https://denverchess.com/games/view/17680 

1k5r/pp1rp2p/qn1pQ1p1/2pP4/b1P5/2PB4/3B1PPP/R3R1K1 b - - 19 37
5) Mark Krowczyk vs. Brian Wall. Round 2. In this position Mr. Wall played 19... Kb8-c7 after 7 minutes of thought, knowing he was in trouble. Brian admitted he was probably lost. Unfortunately Mr. Krowczyk did not capitalize on the awkward position of the Black Queen, or the pinned Bishop. https://denverchess.com/games/view/17710

r1q4r/ppp1n1kp/2np2p1/6N1/2QbPB2/2N5/PPP3PP/R4R1K b - - 14 27
6) Brian Wall vs. Cory Kohler.  Round 5. Final position. Black resigns. A swift 14 move King's Gambit attack conducted by the DCC president. https://denverchess.com/games/view/17712 See another nice attacking  game played by Mr. Wall against Griffin McConnell here: https://denverchess.com/games/view/17699

3r2k1/1p3pp1/p6p/4P3/1P1B2q1/P3P1P1/7P/2rB1Q1K w - - 31 62
7) Eamon Montgomery vs. Griffin McConnell. Round 3. Final position. White resigns. This was a well played game by Griffin with the Black pieces. See his instructive notes to the game here: https://denverchess.com/games/view/17689 

8/8/8/7p/4KNkP/6P1/5P2/6n1 b - - 55 109
8) Sullivan McConnell vs. Vibi Varghese. Round 3. Final position. Black resigns. Sullivan called this a game of blunders from both players. See his instructive notes here: https://denverchess.com/games/view/17688

rnr3k1/pb3ppp/2q1p3/R3N3/1B1P4/2nBP3/5PPP/1Q3RK1 w - - 19 38
9) Vedanth Sampath vs. Alexandre Blangy. Round 4. White played 19. Nf3-e5 attacking the Black Queen. In turn Mr. Blangy played 19... Ne4-c3, threatening mate and the White Queen. Does Vedanth just trade Queens? Or is there a much better answer?  https://denverchess.com/games/view/17702 

5k2/p1r2p1p/6p1/8/8/6P1/P4P1P/4R1K1 w - - 28 56
10) Jack Woehr vs. Vedanth Sampath. Round 3. Final Position. Draw. Here the young Vedanth held Mr. Woehr, a strong, experienced, and much higher rated player, to a draw. The DCC young players, such as Vedanth, are the future of chess. https://denverchess.com/games/view/17703 

r5k1/1p1r1ppp/5nb1/nNBp4/P2P1P2/6R1/3K3P/3B2R1 b - - 28 55
11) Micheal Igoe vs. Rithvik Ijju. Round 5. This game determined the winner of the U1500 section. White has just played 
28. f3-f4. Intending 29. f5. How does Rithvik put an end that threat? https://denverchess.com/games/view/17714 Along with the McConnell brothers and  Vedanth, Rithvik is another young player who plays nearly every week. These players along with Neil Bhavikatti, Karthik Selva, Nicholas Torres, Archer Murane, and I am failing to recall the names of several other young players who are all about the same age and who play regularly at the DCC. We are glad to have them. We sure also appreciate the time and effort  of their parents.

8/5Qpk/pqn2p1p/4pP2/Pp2P3/1P1p3P/B5PK/2R5 w - - 46 92
12) Bill O'Neil vs. David Stellar. Round 2. White is a Rook up, but Black has played 46... d4-d3 and the pawn looks dangerous. Do you see how Mr. O'Neil solves that potential problem? https://denverchess.com/games/view/17717

2k5/pppn2p1/4Q2p/8/3PP3/1PP5/P4qPP/5B1K w - - 28 56

13) J.C. MacNeil vs. Roger Redmond. Round 4. Black has just played 28... Qe3-f2. If not for one small detail, the game would be about even. What did Mr. Redmond overlook? https://denverchess.com/games/view/17719 

8/p1pk2pp/8/3p4/PP3p2/5P2/4KPPP/8 w - - 29 58

14. Rob Cernich vs. Stephen Goebel Round 2. After trading Rooks on d5 with 29...c6xd5, Mr. Goebel plays the pawn ending very well to win. Could White hold this ending with best play? https://denverchess.com/games/view/17685

Thanks again to all, J.C. MacNeil

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