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  • DCC Fall Classic 2017 Report

    I consider Internet chess to be an entertaining pastime, like reading a good book. I think of over the board tournament chess as a blood sport.

    Due to the fact that we had 85 players at last years Fall Classic tournament, I don't think our expectation of an 80 player attendance for this year was unreasonable. So only 63 players was a little disappointing. It got me to wondering why weekend tournament attendance is falling when interest in chess is rising. In my opinion Internet chess could be the reason. You can play any time of the... Read more >>

    10/10/2017 at 11:59am Views: 153

  • DCC September 2017 Report

    When you sit down at the board you are stepping into the ring, and when the bell sounds, it's all on you... In boxing, you win with your fists. In chess, you win with your mind.

    Again this month our attendance slipped a little to an average of 42 players per week. Not enough to be worrying, but still I had high hopes that we would start to see more than 50 players each and every week as we did in June. I am encouraged by the fact that we are seeing casual players each week. Some are not quite ready for tournament chess but the interest is there. Denver as a city is... Read more >>

    9/28/2017 at 5:35pm Views: 162

  • DCC Agent 99 Tournament at Club Chess !!

    "A health club for the brain, a country club for the mind"

    The Williams family in Colorado Springs is undertaking a wonderful endeavor to bring chess to the attention of the general population here in Colorado. They plan to open "Club Chess !!" to the public on National Chess Day this coming October 14th. Visit their website for location and other details. This will not be just another place to have tournaments. They mean... Read more >>

    9/11/2017 at 6:19pm Views: 315

  • DCC August 2017 Report

    I'm sure every chess player, even at the GM level, has similar thoughts when playing this magical game.

    It seemed as we had more byes each week this month than usual. Consequently, our average attendance was "only" 46 players each week. You are not going to hear me complaining about that :-) We continue to have new players checking out the DCC each week and that has to be a good sign. Interestingly we had nearly double the number of players in the Open section as opposed to the U1600 section, and... Read more >>

    8/31/2017 at 10:23am Views: 428

  • DCC July 2017 Report

    The DCC was pleased to have Gunnar Andersen playing in both the Blitz and the Quick tournaments. Brian Wall would have some tough competition and we were all eager to see which one would take the top place.

    Since the first Tuesday of this month was the 4th of July we decide not to meet on the holiday. Leaving three Tuesdays for a Blitz tournament and a 4 round quick rated tournament. Adding a little variety to Tuesday night chess. I like the idea of occasionally having different time controls, rather than the same old Game 70 with a 5-second delay tournament every month. But while the attendance... Read more >>

    7/27/2017 at 1:07pm Views: 320

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